2024 Best Fidget Toys For School Students

Fidget toys have exploded in popularity in recent years as tools to help students stay focused during class time. With 2024 just around the corner, we talked to 3 middle schoolers to get their takes on the fidget toys they find most useful for staying attentive and calm in school. Their insights provide a glimpse into the fidget toys poised to be big hits over the next year.

Jenny’s Fidget Spinner Selections

Jenny, age 13, says fidget spinners are her go-to for staying focused during academic classes. She explains, “I like being able to spin them quietly on my desk. The spinning motion helps me zone out small distractions and keeps my hands busy. I have a few that are really high quality and spin smoothly without making much noise.”

Her current favorite spinner is a brass tri-spinner with removable bearing caps so she can add lubricant when needed. “This one has a nice weight to it and just glides and glides once you get it moving. I like the feeling of the cool metal against my fingers too.” Jenny keeps a pouch with several spinner options in her backpack but tries to limit use to independent work time rather than distracting others.

Eric’s Favorite Fidget Cubes

Eric, age 14, prefers fidget cubes for the variety they offer in one small package. “I like that I can switch between clicking buttons, flipping switches, rolling gears, and spinning the dial. It keeps my fingers moving in different ways without getting repetitive,” he explains. His current favorite cube has 12 different functions including some that click, spin, slide, and snap.

“I keep it in my pocket during math class. When I start feeling restless, I’ll just run my fingers over the different sides without even taking it out. It helps me focus on what the teacher is saying instead of getting distracted.” Eric makes sure to only use the cube discreetly so he doesn’t disturb his classmates.

Isaac’s Stress-Busting Putty Picks

Isaac, age 13, says molded putty-type fidget toys are ideal for calming his nerves and releasing tension. “When I’m stressed or need to concentrate, working the putty in my hands helps relax me so I can focus.” His favorite putty is Cloud Dough because “it’s really smooth and softer than other kinds so it’s not sticky or greasy feeling.” He also likes popping bubble wrap and stretching rubbery toys like Bunjee Koosh Balls.

Isaac keeps an assortment of putty containers in his backpack including some with glitter or beads mixed in for extra sensory appeal. “I’ll take out a little bit and knead it or make shapes when I’m starting to feel anxious. It really helps calm me down.” He’s careful to only use small amounts that can be easily contained.

What the Future Holds in 2024

Based on the useful feedback from Jenny, Eric, and Isaac, we can expect spinners, fidget cubes, molded putties and other tactile toys that kids can manipulate quietly to continue rising in popularity. More teachers are recognizing the benefits of these tools for helping students regulate their attention and emotions as well.

Advancements in technology and materials will also allow for development of fidget toys with new features and sensations. Some possibilities include spinners with changeable graphics, cubes with scrolling LED messages, putties with tunable texture, and other innovative enhancements. Discreet wearable fidgets incorporated into jewelry, pens, and other everyday items will also provide students with easy access to sensory stimulation throughout the school day.

As fidget toys become more mainstream, companies will continue marketing options specifically tailored to classrooms and academic settings. Durability, ease of sound control, and size will be key factors in designs made for schoolkids’ needs. With proper teacher guidance and mindfulness about staying focused on lessons, fidget devices show no signs of fading from the educational landscape any time soon. The students have spoken – fidget toys are here to stay as must-have classroom aids.