The Emotional Release of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a type of therapeutic massage that focuses on realigning the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff necks, sore shoulders, and tight lower backs. Beyond the physical benefits, deep tissue massage can also lead to an […]

How Can I Help a Loner Student?

As a teacher, you may notice one or two students who tend to keep to themselves and do not readily engage with their classmates. These loner students may struggle to make friends or feel shy and uncomfortable in social situations at school. While respecting their need for solitude, there are several supportive steps you can […]

How Do I Stop Feeling So Lonely?

Loneliness is a painful and universal human experience. Feeling lonely can make us feel isolated, unwanted, and unable to connect with others. While loneliness is common, especially during times of transition or loss, it can significantly impact our mental and even physical health if it becomes an ongoing state. The good news is there are […]

How to Cope with Loneliness as a Teenager?

Loneliness is a common feeling among teenagers. With all the changes happening during the teen years, it’s normal to sometimes feel isolated and alone. While loneliness can be painful, there are many effective ways for teens to cope with these feelings and feel more connected. Reach Out to Friends and Family If you’re feeling lonely, […]

How do You Help a Lonely Young Person?

Loneliness is an increasing problem among young people today. With more communication happening online and less face-to-face interaction, it’s not surprising that many youth feel isolated and alone. This loneliness can lead to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and other mental and emotional health issues. As caring adults, we need to find ways to support and […]

What’s Causing Loneliness in Young Adults?

Loneliness is becoming increasingly common among young adults today. Studies show that people under 30 report feeling lonely more often than older adults. There are several factors that may explain why so many young people struggle with loneliness. Leaving Home One major cause is that young adults are leaving home and family earlier. More 18-22 […]

What Does Crippling Loneliness Feel Like?

Loneliness is a universal human experience. We all feel lonely at times, when we lack meaningful social connections or are separated from loved ones. However, for some people, loneliness can become excessive, persistent, and deeply distressing – developing into what can be described as “crippling loneliness.” So what does crippling loneliness feel like? At its […]

How to Help a Child Regulate Their Emotions?

Emotional regulation is an important skill for children to develop as it allows them to manage their feelings in a healthy way. Children who struggle to regulate their emotions may have frequent emotional outbursts, appear anxious or angry, or shut down when experiencing big feelings. As a parent, you play a big role in teaching […]

Why Do I Focus Better When I Fidget?

Fidgeting has often been seen in a negative light, especially in classroom settings where students are expected to sit still and pay attention. However, emerging research suggests fidgeting may actually help some people concentrate better. So why might moving around help boost focus and concentration for certain individuals? There are several potential explanations. First, fidgeting […]

What Happens When You Suppress Emotions for Too Long?

We’ve all felt the urge to hold in our feelings at some point, whether out of fear of judgment, desire to avoid conflict, or belief that emotions should be kept private. However, continually suppressing how we really feel can have serious consequences for our mental and physical health. Suppressed emotions don’t just go away. Even […]

Is It Unhealthy to Suppress Emotions?

Suppressing your emotions might seem like a useful coping mechanism in the moment, but research shows that bottling up feelings can have serious consequences for your mental and physical health. What Does Suppressing Emotions Mean? Emotional suppression, also called expressive suppression, refers to making a conscious effort to inhibit the outward signs of your inner […]

What Can Hiding Your Emotions Lead To?

Bottling up emotions may seem easier in the moment than expressing how you really feel. However, suppressing your true feelings can take a major toll on your mental and even physical health. When emotions are chronically buried instead of being communicated, it can damage relationships, ramp up stress, and contribute to a host of other […]

What Are The 4 Stages of Emotion Processing?

Emotions play a central role in our lives. Understanding how we process emotions can provide great insight into our mental health, relationships, decision-making and more. Researchers have identified four key stages that our brains go through when processing emotions. Being aware of these stages can help us better regulate our feelings and behaviors. Here is […]

How Do You Let Your Emotions Pass?

Our emotions can be as fleeting and temporary as clouds drifting across the sky. Yet when we get caught up in them, they can feel solid and permanent, obscuring the light of awareness. Learning to let our emotions pass like clouds is a valuable skill for wellbeing. Observe emotions without judgment The first step in […]

How Reading Can Help Ease Anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. While occasional anxiety is normal, some people struggle with persistent, excessive anxiety that negatively impacts their daily life. Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health conditions worldwide. Finding healthy and effective strategies to manage anxiety is crucial for wellbeing. One accessible activity […]

How To Release Emotions Stuck In Your Body?

Emotions get stuck in our bodies for a variety of reasons. Past trauma, chronic stress, or even daily anxieties can cause emotions to get buried and manifest physically in the form of pain, stiffness, headaches, and more. Releasing these stuck emotions is an important part of healing both physically and emotionally. Here are some effective […]

How To Get Rid of Sadness and Finding Inner Peace?

It’s normal to feel sadness from time to time. But ongoing and excessive sadness that interferes with daily functioning could be a sign of depression or other mental health condition. While it may not be possible to instantly “get rid” of sadness through willpower alone, there are many effective strategies to help relieve sadness and […]

How to Turn Off Sadness and Find Joy?

Sadness is a normal and inevitable part of being human. We all experience sadness and low moods from time to time when going through disappointments, loss, stress, or life changes. While sadness serves an important purpose and can help us process emotions, prolonged and severe sadness that interferes with daily life may be a sign […]

The Danger of Suppressing Emotions

We all experience a wide range of emotions on a daily basis, from joy and excitement to sadness, fear, and anger. While some emotions feel more comfortable to express than others, it’s important not to suppress or ignore what you’re feeling inside. Suppressing emotions may seem easier in the moment, but can have serious consequences […]

What Triggers Repressed Emotions?

Repressed emotions are feelings that have been buried deep in the subconscious mind in order to avoid the pain associated with them. Though repression can serve as a protective mechanism in the short-term, repressed emotions will inevitably resurface over time in various forms. Understanding what tends to trigger these repressed emotions can provide insight into […]

How Do You Release Repressed Emotions?

We all experience painful or difficult emotions from time to time, such as anger, sadness, fear, shame or guilt. While some emotions are healthy to feel and can help us learn and grow, others may be too overwhelming or difficult to handle in the moment. When we are unable to fully process an emotion, we […]

The Challenges of Restlessness and Appropriate Medications

Restlessness, also known as akathisia, can be a distressing condition characterized by an intense urge to move. Sufferers often describe feeling internal squirming or the inability to sit still. Restlessness can interfere with daily activities and lead to significant frustration. While the exact causes are unclear, restlessness has been associated with certain mental health conditions, […]

How to Get Rid of Agitation?

Feeling agitated can be unpleasant and disruptive. Agitation is characterized by feelings of restlessness, irritability, anxiety and an inability to relax. While agitation is a common experience for many, severe or chronic agitation may be a sign of an underlying condition that needs treatment. There are many effective strategies to help relieve agitation and calm […]

Restlessness as a Symptom of Underlying Conditions

Feeling restless, agitated, or unable to sit still can be frustrating and uncomfortable. While occasional restlessness is normal, when it becomes an ongoing issue it can negatively impact daily life and point to an underlying physical or mental health condition. Understanding potential causes of restlessness and working with a doctor to find relief are important. […]