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7 Natural Ways to Calm a Hyperactive Child

Parenting a hyperactive child can be challenging. While medications may help some children, many parents prefer to try natural calming methods first. Here are 7 effective ways to help calm your hyperactive child without medication: 1. Adjust Their Diet What children eat can significantly impact their behavior. Try eliminating artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, which […]

Tips for Reducing Your Child’s Hyperactivity

Having a hyperactive child can be challenging for parents. Hyperactivity is characterized by excessive movement, fidgeting, constant activity, impulsive behavior, difficulty concentrating, and trouble sitting still. While medication is sometimes used, there are many non-pharmaceutical ways parents can help reduce their child’s hyperactive symptoms. Here are some tips: Create Structure and Routines Children with hyperactivity […]

7 Ways To Help Your Child With ADHD Transition Back To School

The new school year can be an exciting yet challenging time for any child. For children with ADHD, the transition back to school and a structured schedule can be especially difficult. As a parent, there are several things you can do to help set your child up for success this school year. 1. Stick To […]

How Do You Deal With Fidgety Children?

Fidgety behavior is very common in children, especially those between ages 4-10. Children naturally have a lot of energy and have a hard time sitting still for long periods of time. While some fidgeting is normal, excessive fidgeting can be disruptive and frustrating for parents and teachers. Here are some tips for dealing with fidgety […]

Reasons Kids May Be Fidgety and Restless

It’s common for children to have bursts of energy and be unable to sit still for long periods of time. However, if your child is constantly fidgeting, squirming, and displaying restless behavior, there may be an underlying cause. Fidgety and hyperactive symptoms in kids can stem from a variety of sources: ADHD One of the […]

What Does it Mean When a Child is Fidgety?

All children fidget to some degree, but when fidgeting becomes excessive it can signal an underlying issue. Fidgeting, squirming or restlessness in children is often a sign of impulsivity, anxiety, or difficulties with concentration and attention. There are various reasons why a child may be unusually fidgety, and it’s important for parents to understand what’s […]

What Vitamins Are Good For Kids Focus?

It’s no secret that children today face increasing distractions from screens, hectic schedules, and busy environments. This can make it difficult for kids to focus and concentrate in school or other learning settings. Many parents wonder if certain vitamins might help improve their child’s attention span, especially if they seem easily distracted or have trouble […]

How Can I Improve My Child’s Focus?

All parents want their children to do well in school, focus on their work and activities, and develop good habits that will benefit them throughout life. However, in today’s technology and media saturated world, parents often find themselves struggling with ways to improve and maintain their child’s focus and attention span. The constant distractions of […]

8 Ways to Help Your Child Focus

Is your child having trouble focusing or paying attention? As a parent, helping your child develop focus and concentration skills is important for their success in school and life. With some simple strategies, you can make it easier for your child to focus and make the most out of learning opportunities. In today’s world of […]

Managing a Hyperactive Child at Home: 10 Helpful Tips

Having a hyperactive or overly energetic child can be challenging for any parent. Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or similar conditions often have trouble sitting still, staying focused, and controlling their behavior. This can lead to difficulties at home in completing chores, following rules, and getting along with siblings. As a parent, it’s […]

8 Calming Techniques for Hyperactive Children

If you are the parent or caregiver of a hyperactive child, you know that their boundless energy and inability to sit still can be exhausting. Hyperactivity is common in conditions like ADHD, but even children without a diagnosis can benefit from learning calming strategies. When kids have outlets for their energy and tools to self-soothe, […]

Understanding the 5 Causes of Hyperactivity in Children

Hyperactivity is characterized by excessive movement, restlessness, and difficulty focusing or sitting still in children. It can significantly impact a child’s ability to function at home, in school, and in social settings. Although the exact causes are still being researched, studies point to a few key factors that may contribute to a child developing symptoms […]

The Roots of Rage: Understanding Extreme Anger in Children

Anger is a normal human emotion that all children will experience. However, extreme and frequent anger that is disproportionate to the situation can signal deeper issues for kids. Getting to the root causes of a child’s over-the-top rage is key to helping them learn to regulate their emotions. There are various factors that can contribute […]

How Do You Discipline a Child With Anger Issues?

Managing anger is a skill that must be learned, especially for children who are prone to frequent or intense episodes of rage. Outbursts can disrupt home and school life, straining relationships with siblings, parents, teachers and peers. They may also mask underlying issues like frustration, embarrassment, feelings of inadequacy, or problems with self-regulation. The natural […]

How Do You Deal With an Irritable Child?

The shrill scream echos through the house as a little girl flings herself dramatically to the floor. Her brother watches nervously, unsure why his sister has suddenly melted into a puddle of tears over a misplaced toy. As a parent, such meltdowns can be deeply frustrating and make you feel powerless. Children prone to irritability, […]

Strategies for Quieting a Large Group of Kids

It can be incredibly challenging to get the attention and cooperation of a large, energetic group of children. However, with some strategic planning and proactive management, you can successfully quiet even the rowdiest bunch. As someone who has worked with groups of up to 30 elementary school-aged kids at a time in summer camp and […]

Why is My Child Always Making Noise? Children’s Need for Auditory Stimulation

As a parent, you’ve likely experienced many moments of your young child seemingly making noise just for the sake of making noise. From banging toys together to humming tunelessly, children – particularly toddlers and preschoolers – have an innate need to create all kinds of auditory stimulation. And this tendency to constantly make some kind […]

How Do I Get My Child to Stay Quiet?

As a parent of young children, finding moments of peace and quiet can feel next to impossible. Kids are naturally energetic, curious, and loud – qualities we usually love about them. But there are times when their noise levels cross the line from joyful to chaotic, grinding our nerves and ability to think. During these […]

What Does an ADHD Tantrum Looks Like?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that begins in childhood and can persist into adulthood. For children with ADHD, emotional dysregulation is a common challenge that can lead to behavior issues like temper tantrums. ADHD tantrums often look different and serve a different function than […]

How Do I Control My Child’s Anger?

Anger is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. However, uncontrolled anger can lead to hurtful words, destructive behavior, and damaged relationships. As a parent, you play a big role in teaching your child how to recognize and appropriately channel their anger. With patience and the right strategies, you can help […]

Why is My 7 Year Old So Angry and Aggressive?

It’s not uncommon for children around the age of 7 to experience frequent anger and aggression. As kids grow and develop emotionally, they struggle to handle strong feelings like frustration, disappointment, and sadness. These overwhelming emotions can come out as aggressive behaviors like hitting, kicking, screaming tantrums, or hurtful words directed at parents or siblings. […]

Finding Balance With Young Children and Digital Devices

It’s common these days to see parents handing their phones or tablets to a fussy toddler or preschooler to help calm them down. While using digital devices to soothe or distract young children is understandable at times, it’s important to find balance. Relying too heavily on technology can have detrimental effects on early development. With […]

Finding Healthy Ways to Appease Your Child

As parents, it’s natural to want to make our kids happy. We all want to see our children smile and take away their pain when they are sad or upset. However, constantly giving in to a child’s demands or trying to appease them at every turn can lead to entitled, spoiled behavior. Kids need structure, […]

Using Devices to Appease Agitated Kids: A Double-Edged Sword

It’s a scene that plays out in households across America multiple times a day: A parent hands their fussy toddler an iPad to play games or watch shows, just to get a few minutes of peace. While using devices to appease agitated kids may work in the short-term, experts caution this approach can have negative […]