How Old Do You Need To Be To Play With Pop Its?

Pop Its have become one of the hottest toy crazes over the past couple years. These simple silicone toys that make a loud popping sound when squeezed or pushed have captivated kids and adults alike. Walk down any toy aisle and you’re sure to see shelves stocked full of Pop Its in every color and size imaginable. Even social media is flooded with videos of people playing with these addictive fidget toys.

With Pop Its being so popular, many parents wonder at what age their kids can start playing with them. Here is a look at some general age guidelines for Pop Its:

Ages 3+

Pop Its with larger bubbles are great for kids as young as 3 years old. The bigger silicone bubbles are easier for little hands to push and make the satisfying “pop!” sound. Look for Pop Its branded for toddlers or preschoolers specifically. These tend to be larger, often 6 inches wide or bigger, and have fewer bubbles per toy for easy grasping. Starting kids at age 3 allows them to learn the basic motor skills needed to push and pop the bubbles. Supervise young kids during play to ensure they don’t try to tear or bite the Pop Its.

Ages 5+

Around age 5 is when kids can graduate to standard sized Pop Its, which are usually about 3.5 inches wide. Their fine motor skills are more advanced at this point to push the smaller bubbles. Standard Pop Its meant for older kids have more bubbles per toy, making them exciting for kids to try to pop rapidly. Look for Pop Its themed with kids’ favorite characters from movies, TV shows, video games, or books to make them even more enticing for 5 year olds. Remind kids not to put Pop Its pieces or bubbles in their mouths no matter how tempting it is!

Ages 8+

Octopus Pop Its and other more complex shapes with dangling feet and appendages are ideal for kids 8 and up. These novelty Pop Its allow for more interactive and sensory play as kids twist, bend, and fidget with them. The dangling pieces add a new tactile dimension while also posing some challenges for practice hand-eye coordination. Tweens and young teens are likely to find these more complex Pop Its satisfying.

Ages 10+

By age 10, most kids are responsible enough to follow basic safety common sense when playing with Pop Its. Mini Pop Its start to become appropriate at this age. Keep in mind that any Pop Its smaller than a marble pose a choking hazard for kids under 10. Preteens and older who won’t be tempted to put small pieces in their mouths can enjoy mini and pocket-sized Pop Its. These little fidget toys are fun desk companions for older kids. Add mini Pop Its to keychains and backpacks for easy portability.

Ages 12+

For ages 12 and up, jumbo extra large Pop Its become an option. These huge Pop Its measure over a foot wide and provide endless popping possibilities. Giant Pop Its allow for two hands to join in on the fun. Older kids also get a kick out of collaborating by taking turns pressing different sides of an oversized Pop Its. Large Pop Its make great group games at birthday parties and sleepovers for the tween and teen set.


While Pop Its clearly make fabulous toys for kids, adults shouldn’t miss out on the fidgety fun either! Pop Its are an addictive desk or work-from-home accessory that give your hands a break from endless typing. The rhythmic pushing and popping can also be a stress reliever and soothing distraction. Pop Its have caught on with teachers, office workers, stay-at-home parents, college students, and many other adults. In fact, several companies now market Pop Its just for grown-ups. Look for stylish metallic colors, gorgeous glacier or mermaid effects, and satisfying XXL sizes made to fit adult hands. Pop Its prove it’s never too old to play!

In summary, most kids can start playing safely with Pop Its around ages 3 to 5. Size and supervision are key for early Pop Its play. By 8 to 10, kids gain the fine motor skills and responsibility needed to enjoy solo Pop Its play. And adult shouldn’t hesitate to join in on the sensory stimulating fun of popping these addictive silicone toys as well! With basic safety precautions, Pop Its can offer hours of amusement for all ages. So go ahead and pop to your heart’s content!