How to Assemble a DIY Magnetic Fidget Pen?

Fidget pens are pen-shaped toys that allow you to fiddle and click while you work or study. Magnetic fidget pens have small magnets inside that provide a smooth, satisfying tactile sensation when you turn the pen barrel or click the top button repeatedly. Assembling your own magnetic fidget pen is an easy DIY project. With a few basic supplies, you can create a fully-functional fidget pen in less than an hour.

To start, you will need:

  • A standard ink pen. A plastic click pen works best.
  • Small disc neodymium magnets, 3-5 mm in diameter. You’ll need at least 4 magnets.
  • Epoxy or super glue.
  • Sandpaper, fine grit.

First, disassemble your pen. Carefully twist apart the two halves of the pen barrel and remove the ink tube and spring. Now you have an empty pen barrel.

Determine how you want the magnets configured inside the barrel. You can place 2-3 magnets in a stack on either end of the barrel so they collide and bounce off each other when turned. Or alternate them so opposite poles attract when twisted. Just be sure to keep the magnets far enough apart so they don’t stick together.

Once you know the layout, roughen the surface on the inside of the barrel with sandpaper where you’ll place the magnets. This helps the glue adhere. Put a small drop of epoxy on the sanded area and press a magnet firmly in place. Allow the glue to dry completely before moving on.

Repeat with the remaining magnets, gluing them one by one in the desired spots inside the barrel. Let the glue cure fully before reassembling – this may take an hour or more.

While the glue dries on the barrel, you can modify the pen’s push-button topper. Carefully pry off the clip and remove the spring and ink tube. Sand the inside of the topper, then glue a magnet in the center. Let dry.

Once the epoxy has hardened, slide the pen’s spring back into the barrel, followed by the ink tube. Twist the two halves of the barrel back together. Press the push-button topper onto the back end of the pen until it clicks into place.

Now your magnetic fidget pen is ready to help you focus! When you need to fidget, simply twist the pen barrel and feel the magnets collide. Or repeatedly click the push-button and enjoy the magnetic resistance. Your DIY magnetic pen provides hours of mesmerizing tactile distraction.

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