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How To Release Emotions Stuck In Your Body?

Emotions get stuck in our bodies for a variety of reasons. Past trauma, chronic stress, or even daily anxieties can cause emotions to get buried and manifest physically in the form of pain, stiffness, headaches, and more. Releasing these stuck emotions is an important part of healing both physically and emotionally. Here are some effective techniques for releasing emotions trapped in your body:

Do Body Scans

One way to become more aware of stored emotions is to do body scans. Lie down and bring attention to each part of your body one at a time. Notice any sensations, emotions, memories or images that arise. Breathe into areas that feel tense or stuck. This helps bring awareness to where you may be holding onto emotions.

Try Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT or “tapping” is a method that combines acupressure with affirmations. Using your fingertips, tap on meridian points on your body while focusing on a stuck emotion or memory. Tune into how you feel emotionally and where you feel it physically. Repeat phrases like “I release this trauma from my body”. EFT helps disrupt your energy to clear negative emotions.

Practice Deep Breathing

Deep, mindful breathing is a quick way to release stuck energy. Inhale deeply, sending your breath into areas that feel tense. As you exhale, imagine breathing out stuck emotions and tension. Use mantras like “I let this go now”. Repeat until you feel a shift. Deep breathing moves and releases emotional blocks.

Get Moving

Physical movement is key for releasing stuck emotions. Open up your body through stretches, dancing, yoga or other motions. Open up tight areas where you may store stress like the neck, shoulders and hips. Slower mindful movements are ideal for becoming aware of emotions. You can then use more vigorous activity to help move out the stuck energy.

Write it Out

Writing is therapeutic and helps us process emotions. Keep a journal and write about difficult memories, relationships or anything you feel stuck on. Or write a letter to someone you have unresolved feelings with (you don’t have to send it). Getting thoughts and feelings out on paper is cathartic and helps shift energy. Burn or shred letters to symbolize letting go.

Use Rituals

Rituals provide symbolic space to honor, process and release stuck emotions. You can create your own ritual or do something like a loving-kindness meditation. Rituals give emotions a focal point so they can be felt, expressed and let go. Light a candle, play healing music and take time to be present with what you are feeling.

Get Support

Counseling, energy healing, bodywork and other modalities help facilitate emotional release. You don’t have to do it alone. A therapist can guide you safely through processing trauma. Sessions with healers help dislodge stuck energy. Bodyworkers relieve physical tension — a literal release of emotions held in the tissues. Use support to help remove blocks.

Focus on Feelings

To prevent getting stuck again, keep circulating your feelings. Don’t suppress emotions when they arise. Find healthy ways to express emotions like talking to friends, art, music or journaling. Keep yourself moving through your emotional experience. Stored emotions develop from avoidance. Feel it to free it.

Releasing stuck emotions takes patience, courage and perseverance. It may feel uncomfortable at first but with consistent practice using these techniques, you’ll feel much freer, lighter and more at peace in your body and mind. Give yourself time for emotional detoxing. Trust that your body and spirit have innate capacity to heal once you remove energetic and emotional blocks.