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Relaxing on Holiday: 12 Simple Ideas

The holidays are meant for resting, recharging, and relaxing. However, amidst all the excitement of a new destination, it can be easy to fill your days with sightseeing and activities. Don’t get so caught up in checking items off your bucket list that you return home completely exhausted! Remember to build in time to simply slow down and restore your mind and body.

Here are 12 straightforward ideas to help you relax on your next holiday:

  1. Sleep in. One of life’s greatest luxuries is being able to wake up naturally without an alarm clock blaring. Let your body get the extra sleep it craves and wake up feeling refreshed.
  2. Lounge with a good book. Find a comfortable spot in the shade where you can become completely absorbed in a novel, short stories or magazine. Let your mind unwind through the joy of reading.
  3. Journal while sipping coffee/tea. Take time to record your travel adventures thus far in a journal. Note what sights have inspired you and what you have learned. The act of writing helps process experiences.
  4. Get a massage. Treat yourself to a soothing massage to pamper your body and dissolve muscular tension. Aromatherapy oils enhance relaxation even further.
  5. Soak in a bubble bath. There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a tub filled with bubbles, perhaps accompanied by candles and music. The 20-30 minutes spent unwinding in the water will leave you feeling serene.
  6. Watch a sunset. Sunsets hold an innate beauty that speaks to our souls. Pause to watch the sky shift from blue to a blaze of orange and pink hues as the sun disappears below the horizon.
  7. Take afternoon naps. One of the best ways to recharge on holiday is to sneak in power naps when your energy starts flagging. Even 15-20 minutes can reboot your body for more adventure.
  8. Go for a walk on the beach. Stroll along the water’s edge, allowing the rhythm of the waves to calm your spirit. Breathe deeply and focus on each of your senses as you walk peacefully along the shoreline.
  9. Get lost wandering side streets. Forget the map and meander aimlessly through charming neighborhoods. Soak up foreign cultures at a leisurely pace, stopping spontaneously anywhere that intrigues you.
  10. Sip cocktails at sundown. What better way to unwind at the end of the day than watching the sunset with a tropical drink in hand? The combining of the colors in the sky and the flavors in your glass are sure to soothe.
  11. Schedule nothing for an entire day. Give yourself an entire day to do absolutely nothing scheduled or planned. Sleep in as late as you want and let each hour unfold organically without agenda.
  12. Sit and observe. Find a bench or cafe table situated in an interesting spot and sit still for 20-30 minutes. Observe passersby, sights and sounds without judging. Simply breathe and take it all in. You’ll feel centered and present.

The next time you’re on holiday, be sure to weave some of these relaxing ideas into your itinerary. Your body and mind will thank you! By balancing sightseeing adventures with intentional down time, you’ll return home feeling truly renewed.