When Did Pop It Toys Become Popular?

Pop It toys have become a huge fad over the past couple years, with kids and adults alike playing with these simple, yet addictively satisfying toys. But when exactly did these “poppable” silicone toys first emerge and rise to popularity?

While the origins of Pop It toys are a bit murky, most sources point to The Original 3D Fun Factory based out of Poestenkill, New York as the creators of the original Pop Its in the mid 2010s. The company founder Guenter Lenhardt had the idea to make reusable bubble wrap that you could pop over and over again. He created protoype silicone molds and eventually perfected the satisfying bubble-popping toy we know as the Pop It today.

The Original 3D Fun Factory sold their Pop Its at trade shows and small local retailers starting around 2014. The toys started getting some small-scale attention, but hadn’t hit the mainstream yet. The Pop Its really started taking off around 2017 when major retailers like Target, Walmart and Amazon began selling the 3D Fun Factory Pop Its on their websites. The toys surged in popularity through 2018 and 2019, likely due to increased online availability and exposure through social media.

Youtube toy reviewers also helped boost the popularity of Pop Its during this time. Channels like Ryan’s World featured Pop It toys in videos in 2018 and 2019, generating millions of views. Unboxing videos and satisfying ASMR-style videos of people popping Pop Its became wildly popular on YouTube and TikTok, further fueling the Pop It craze.

Pop Its also popped up frequently on Instagram and Facebook as people shared videos and photos popping and playing with the toys. The hashtag #popittoy began trending and has since accumulated over 4 billion views on TikTok alone. The viral nature of Pop Its on social media significantly contributed to their rapid rise in popularity.

By 2020, Pop Its graduated from a niche toy commodity to a full-blown mainstream fad. Retail stores couldn’t keep them in stock. Several companies rushed to capitalize on the Pop It craze by releasing their own off-brand versions. Pop It toys were one of the hottest sellers during the 2020 holiday season and their popularity continued to skyrocket throughout 2021.

Part of the appeal of Pop Its is their simplicity and versatility. Kids enjoy Pop Its as a fun tactile toy. Adults use them as stress relievers and fidget toys. They became a popular desk toy in classrooms, offices and beyond. The toys also lent themselves well to DIY projects and customization crafts, further fueling engagement and interest.

While it’s unclear if the Pop It fad will fade or remain popular long-term, they have clearly cemented themselves as one of the biggest toy crazes of the late 2010s and early 2020s. The viral nature of Pop Its on social media combined with universal mainstream retail availability made these simple silicone popping toys hugely popular within just a few short years. For now, the satisfying bubbles of Pop Its continue to be popped non-stop by kids and adults alike.